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Trend Trading Signal Services –

We offer a trend trading signal service that uses trend trading setups based off of our trend trading systems and trend trading strategies.

Now a particular issue is with a trend trading signal service is – boredom. The problem for you will be focus.  We noticed that Signal services subscribers tend to get distracted by other “shiny objects” for the quick fix. As the shiny object syndrome tends to keep people broke.  We all ballot in one way or another but we just need to get over it if we want to become wealthy.

But understand this:  trading a good to even half decent trend trading system is the best “job”, best most laid back, most easy, least time spent with greatest prospect of amassing wealth way to make money there is on planet Earth!

  • No one is really competing against each other on a trend trading time frame.  Now there maybe trend changes that may start then reverse but with a good trend trading system which we use for your signals you can avoid most false breakouts and hone in for the biggest of the big moves only
  • Price trends aren’t always just slow and meandering!  Don’t forget about Power Trends!  Those are the trends that move fast and hard usually in about 4 weeks.  We look to capture those too!

Now, there are different types of trends. Power trends come out more often then what we call “medium-term trends”.

But on our side, we’re not to waste our time giving you signals that could potentially make several of you out there millionaires several times over if you’re going sign-up, lose focus and then quit. Or sign up and quit because the current month is slow… Of course there’ are going to be slow months of consolidation – if we didn’t have those we wouldn’t have trends!  More a solution for this later.

The signal service is very powerful. The service is for those were looking to keep their minds focused, to surround themselves with a professional training mindset, to receive great trading ideas, to learn how to upgrade more systematically and to potentially make good profits!

Now I do after worn you though that trend trading is not that active (thank goodness!) And that we look to ride power trends in medium-term trends. We may also include some investor trends but will let you know about that.  The point is that updates may not happen that frequently. Sometimes you may only get one update or less per week. But that’s usually a good thing!  Why is that a good thing? Well we are probably riding transits very good profits or we are waiting for consolidation to complete before entering a new trend. A lot of money to be made by waiting! We don’t want to jump into mediocrity or non-trend events.

So were going to price this signal service at an easy comfortable price. So that it doesn’t annoy you.  But the value you’re getting  ridiculously outweighs the price.  But Woolever slept that be for now. We may raise prices if you guys are making just too much money but I’m sure you won’t mind if that’s the case (where you’re making hordes and hordes of money) down the road.

Just so you know we aim to use this service for our own trading as well as individuals and as a company. So we put our money where our mouth is.

Is a real, professional grade trading signal service. The focus here is to get you great trades. The focus is the signal. Were not going to waste time stirring up or trying to comfort emotions through excessive chatter. Doing so creates a burden on you making you feel like you have to read all this endless blabbering. We don’t want to do that and we’ve experienced that with other signal services over time. In today’s world you need the information easy and concise. That’s what we’re going off for you.

So below your sign up to basically piggyback, copy are trading experience which is worth tens of millions of dollars. I hope you understand that the monthly fee is a pittance compared to what you’ll be getting.

The gist of this trend trading signal services to find you trend trading signal trading ideas based off of some of our trend trading systems and strategies.

  1. We give you the entries, the initial stop loss and the profit-taking exit!
  2. We will provide a multitude of different trend trading trading ideas. You can pick the ones you like the best from there.
  3. You signal service will come after the USA market close. Signals will be sent out from after the clothes to before the open – anywhere in between there.
  4. We will have signals for stocks, options ETFs, indices, futures and Forex.
  5. Your trading signal will arrive by email.
  6. Use this service to help keep you in the game!
  7. Use this service to help you enter a better mentality for trading correctly, professionally.
  8. Use this service for trading ideas or to inspire your own trading ideas.

For the next 50 Subscribers we have a special limited offer price as you’ll see below. Sign up now to lock in that price:

Power Trends Signals

Key Features:

  • Accelerated Trends
  • Moves in as little as 1 month
  • Potentially Very Profitable

Core Medium Term Trends

Key Features:

  • Big money big net worth trends
  • Consistent trading of these can make fortunes
  • Bread and butter!



Other Types of Trends

Key Features:

  • Parabolic trend signals
  • Trend Reversal Points
  • Tertiary Breaks
  • Ultimatun5



  1. “Do you offer auto trading?”   We plan to put that will be a separate service. For the auto trading we will create a portfolio of stocks to trade over and over.  This has to be tightly designed. We will need to run a tight number of stocks with very specific money management position sizes. And then systematically run every trade as it comes up.
  2. “Do I get alerts every day?”  It depends. It depends is happening the marketplace. If for example the market is consolidating into a tighter chart pattern then there won’t be much at all. You could even go past a week without an update during those periods.  We want to email you only when it’s important. We do not want to make busywork for you. Why? Because we hate busywork ourselves.
  3. “When should I expect my alerts”  Any time after the USA market closes to before the USA market opens.
  4. “How do I get my alerts?”  Alerts will come by email. So make sure our emails are not going to your junk folder!